old_boxleysThe Clean Life

In 1945, 18-year-old James Boxley lived in Halifax, Virginia when he received word that a brick manufacturing plant in Coeymans, New York was looking for workers. He wasted no time moving to New York and joining the brick workers team to support his family back home.

Brick making was dirty work and the job site living quarters were very messy. James was compelled to improve the standard of living for his coworkers and himself. After a long day of hard labor, James began detailing their cars so that they could ride in style. He soon built a name for himself as a hard working and meticulous man.

Word spread to Richard Marshall, the owner of a local car dealership, who asked James to begin providing auto detailing services to his customers. Boxley’s Polishing Services was born.

Today the Boxley’s family business continues to provide the same high-quality service brought to the Capital Region for over 50 years. And our range of service expands everyday. Whether its your car, your home or your business, the crews at Boxley’s will “bring the shine”. And with four convenient locations throughout the area, you’re not far from looking your best.