Boxley’s Services Inc. (“BSI”) is a 60-year old company that provides full service commercial, auto, home and business services. From security, to detailing to commercial office cleaning, we pride ourselves on professionalism and detailed servicing.  We are a fully Certified MWBE Business that prides itself on partnering with quality professional companies for projects large and small.

2010 marked the most progressive reforms to New York State’s MWBE program since its inception. Some of the major reforms include,

  • Significant changes to raising the cap for agency and authority procurement of MWBE contracts not based on full competitive bidding
  • Extensive and comprehensive monitoring of MWBE compliance and assurance that targeted set  aside goals are met, and the creation of a chief diversity officer to ensure compliance and goal setting; in-depth review of firms’ MWBE compliance and hiring
  • Expanded contracting opportunities at public authorities and the designation of senior offices at authorities to monitor and ensure compliance

These new programs provide exciting new opportunities for companies like BSI, and as importantly, provide new partnering opportunities for companies like yours that want to proactively comply with these new requirements while ensuring that you continue to provide the highest quality of service.